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Kirkland Lake businesswoman earns right to name a new watch by Roots

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roots watches RICK OWEN
Saturday, September 13, 2003 - 08:00
Local News - Kirkland Lake:

The major clothing and accessories label Roots, now has a Kirkland Lake connection.

The company recently held a contest for its retailers, asking them to suggest names watches that Roots is launching in its new line.

Kathryn Barnes, owner of the Jewel Box in Kirkland Lake, decided to enter.

She suggested the name Radical be used for one of Roots’ new watches and the company agreed.

For her winning suggestion Barnes received a Radical watch, and a certificate which is now displayed in the Jewel Box.

While the Kirkland Lake businesswoman is going to keep the Radical watch she won, the store owner is ordering another identical watch – which she is planning to give to a customer during a special promotion.

Roots came to prominence with a shoe design and more recently has gained international recognition for designing clothing lines worn by Canadian Olympic athletes

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