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The Jewel Box teams up with Sullivan’s Ladies Wear and Team Rosko Power sports in this year’s Lung Association’s Northern Telephone Festival of Trees Fashion Show. And what a show in deed! The event was held at the Sir Harry Oakes Museum which has been transformed into a winter wonderland of trees, wreaths and Christmas décor.

But last night the museum was filled with the latest clothing fashions from Sullivan’s Ladies Wear, snowmobile fashions and outdoor clothing from Team Rosko Power Sports and all of this years hottest jewellery trends form The Jewel Box.

Joanne Woolings owner of Sullivan’s sees the Fashion Show as a unique and fun way to promote her products and entertain her clientele. Joanne also recognizes the importance of community events and feels that any good business should give back to the community. She believes that what goes around comes around and you can only get out of something what you put into it.

Joanne coordinated the fashion show which featured 3 local businesses, 7 volunteers and 18 models who adorned clothing and jewellery from top name fashion designers and brand name product lines; like Tommy Hilfiger, Roots, Nike, Ingenuity, Joseph Ribcof and Bombardier.

Kathryn Barnes of the Jewel Box was invited to submit Jewellery for one of Joanne’s fashion shows several years ago and was invited back this year. Kathryn says that she jumped at the opportunity to show case her products once again, but also found herself behind the mic as a co M.C. with the Lung Association’s Carol Penfold.

Barnes says she enjoys working with Woolings and feels that her high energy is infectious. In fact, they sit on the retail promotions committee and have been instrumental in implementing a strong advertising campaign for the retailers and restaurants in the community. Both women believe that Kirkland Lake is a unique shopping enclave and its retail sector has not used this uniqueness to their advantage. But these two ladies say they are determined to give Kirkland Lake and image boost and show other communities that we are alive and thriving.

The two seem to agree on many things and Barnes most definitely shares Woolings attitude about being an active community partner and feels that it is important to support and participate in community events. She says, “You cannot expect your community to support your business if you don’t support your community.”

Kathryn thought the show was a lot of fun and tells us that the crowd was having a wonderful time, cheering, whistling and encouraging the models to show a bit more skin. The first show was for ladies only during the Ladies Night Cocktail Party and the second show was for the men at a Chili Fest Luncheon. Kathryn tells us that the women were a much more rowdy bunch and the men surprisingly enough were well behaved. Except for the odd “take it all off” cheer that escaped occasionally.

Everyone involved agrees that the fashion show is a lot of work but well worth it when all is said and done. Stress levels are high, time is limited, but the fun factor keeps everyone smiling till the very end. With the show successfully completed and a glass of wine in hand a group of ladies from the show clink glasses for a job well done.

When asked if there were any plans for future fashion shows Joanne and Kathryn smile and slyly say in unison “I guess you are just going to have to wait and see”.

MODELS: Wearing fashions from Sullivan’s and The Jewel Box

Bernice Ross
Lorraine Robazza
Erin Robazza
Julie Pajunan
Tracy Kelly
Suzanne Bronson
Ashley MacLeod
Kayla Lynn Nylund
Samantha Larcher
Malorie Surtees

Be sure to keep checking because we will soon be posting some pictures from the show!!!

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