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She Ought to Be in Pictures? or Hats?

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This month the Kirkland Lake museum will be housing the hat box and hat collection of Kirkland Lake’s very own fashion expert. Joanne Woolings owner and operator of Sullivan’s ladies wear has been collecting hats for over 15 years and now has a very impressive collection. Joanne tells us that her collection contains over 200 hats and 45 hat boxes. Some famous hat names include, Stetson, Adams, and Biltmore, while many of the hat boxes bear the names of local dress shops that once lined Government Rd. in downtown Kirkland Lake, including; Mary’s, Joan’s Dress shop, The Fashion Center and Johnston’s.

Joanne has received hats from family members, friends and even clients who visit her store. She says that “many of my clients have given me hats once they find out I collect them”. Her hat collection has also inspired a mural that dons one of the walls of her store. Local artist Mark Didine was commissioned to paint a mural that showed the history of Kirkland Lake’s ladies fashion stores thru the years, while incorporating many of the hat boxes that are a part of Joanne’s collection. This is a must see when visiting Kirkland Lake. After visiting the museum drop by Sullivan’s Ladies Wear located in the Kirkland Lake Mall.

The star of the show, however, is Gracie Woolings, who is seen posing in several of the hats. Joanne tells us that it took her 2 days to train Gracie to hold poses with the hats on her head. Gracie is a four legged black and white beauty of the canine persuasion, who looks absolutely adorable in hats. After the show is finished, we see a bright modeling career in Gracie’s future.

The collection is a must see and will be on display at the museum from March 6th, 2004 to April 4th, 2004. On March 28th there will be a tea along with entertainment by Mrs. McCrank and Just Friends. The cost of the tea will be $8 per person. Everyone is invited to attend. See you there!!!!

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