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Wish List

Are you tired of getting the same old gifts? Do you dislike your partners taste in jewellery? Do you hate the fact that when ever you get a ring it never seems to fit? Well we have the perfect solution!!! The Jewel Box has an in house wish list, which has proven to be very successful. We have the wish list going all year, but it is even more successful at Christmas. Men and some women, have a hard time picking out jewellery for their partners, so when you leave us all the important details it makes shopping much less difficult for those who are shopping challenged. All they have to do is come in, choose from the wish list and “voila” shopping made easy, but even better yet you are going to get exactly what you “wished” for.

If you want to be a part of our wish list all you have to do is drop into the store and tell us the items you like. We can store your ring sizes and any jewellery prefences you may have. We will record details about whether you prefer white or yellow gold, platinum or even silver. If you really want you can choose the pieces you like the best and we will list them for you. Then simply tell your partner that you are in the Jewel Boxes wish list. Yes ladies and gentlemen getting exactly what you want really is that easy.

At this time, the wish list is only available as an in store option. But we will definitely look into how we could provide our online customers with a wish list as well. If you have any idea’s on how to do this please send us your input.

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