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Learning Lounge: Just For Fun

the jewel box Hey! Have you ever wanted to design your own ring? You can be the master of your creation, whether itís an anniversary band, engagement ring or a ring just for fun. You can pick the stones, the shape of the stones and even the metal you want to set it in and all you have to do is follow this link to . Itís fun and affordable because you donít have to buy a thing. While visiting this site donít forget to learn more about diamonds, the salary rule for engagement rings and other interesting bits of information. Something else you must do at this site is send a jewellery postcard to someone you love and give them a not so subtle hint. the jewel box

Who knows maybe that special someone will buy you a piece of jewellery that has your name written all over it? There is nothing to lose but maybe a magnificent piece of jewellery to gain. Have fun and enjoy this interactive and informative site. Oh by the way gentlemen, you might have fun on this site too.

the jewel box So while the women are off designing their favorite piece of Jewellery we have something for you guys to discover. Have you ever wanted to tour a diamond mine or maybe get the latest information on the Canadian Diamond Industry? Well if you do please be sure to visit the following two links. At youíll learn about some of the worldís most famous diamond mines and find out how to visit them. Honestly, if you are planning any trips in the near future and you are in the right part of the world you could actually visit and tour these mines. You will also find some interesting facts and figures about diamonds and diamond mining. At youíll discover the latest information about Canadian diamond exploration. These 2 sites contain a great deal of information and may take awhile to navigate so if you have nothing else to do, give it shot who knows what you may find out. So gentleman, while the ladies play you can to. But honestly, these sites are really educational and I bet some of you ladies would enjoy visiting as well.

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